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Hampton Salt
Hamptons Salt Company is the preeminent provider of all natural sea salts. Unlike normal table salt, our salts are unrefined (meaning they are not stripped of naturally occurring minerals) and have no potentially unhealthy additives (like anti-caking agents).

All Natural Sea Salt

Hamptons Salt
We offer a large selection of raw, flavored and smoked salts which provide a burst of flavor with just a pinch and can add some zip to any meal, snack or drink!

First Time Customers

For your initial order, we recommend:

Hampton Salt
14 oz Cooking Salt – this is an all natural replacement for your box of kosher salt. It can be used in all your recipe needs.
Hampton Salt
4 oz Finishing Salt – this flake salt is perfect to sprinkle on food right before eating.
Hampton Salt
If you use a salt mill to grind salt – then we recommend our Himalayan Pink.
Hampton Salt
If you are unsure about which flavored or smoked salts to try, consider The Flavor Seeker Gift Collection. It gives you 5 mini jars to experience.

Still have questions, Email us at support@hamptonssalt.com

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Artisan Sea Salt

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